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Summer Catalog

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Studio, not academic, learning

Our 6-week Summer Semester for ADULTS starts Tuesday, July 11.

In place will be minimal Covid-19 protocols recommended by the Rhode Island Department of Health at that time.

Studio- not academic- learning

Teaching and learning the visual arts in an actual studio environment can help both teacher and student feel more "at home" with the creative process. Our classes are small enough for the instructor to afford time to each student, to answer questions, to give helpful techniques and hints, and for the students to learn from each other. While we want everyone to discover things for themselves- at their own pace, we also don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable or to be floundering in learning something new.
Good teaching requires good listening, empathy and the ability to draw out the best from each student. And we have some very, very good teachers! All are more than willing to share what they have learned as practicing artists.

  We hope that you will find something worthwhile in these pages. If you do, please fill out the paper Application and mail it in or deliver it to the school (sorry, but there is no registration online, nor by telephone). Because it's a small school with small classes, we urge you to act promptly. You'll find more about enrollment to the left.
Studio, not academic, learning

A Little History

Carolyn and Don Simon started the East Side Art Center in 1992. Initially, some twenty-six students - adults and children - came to the spacious second floor art studio of Sunrise Corporation, a graphics and marketing firm. Since then, we have seen well over one thousand students attend classes from as far away as New Bedford, Brookline, Newport, Westerly and Woonsocket. People from even farther away have attended our past workshops in Florence, Italy and Block Island.
We have a very comfortable and inviting environment. In addition to two large studios, there is a kitchen that is open to anyone who wants a break with some coffee, tea or to have lunch. There is ample parking, few traffic problems, a nearby bus stop and easy access to Downtown Providence and Route 95.