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 Kids Classes


Our 8-week Spring Semester for kids starts on Tuesday, April 16.

No matter what the course title, the lessons are different each semester. The children who attend these classes and their parents, too, look forward to each challenge with great anticipation. These are among the finest children's classes you'll find anywhere... a real collaboration between student and teacher.

Creative Kid's Class

Ages 9-13
Tuesday, 4:00 - 5:30pm... Starts April 16

Our children's class is back! A perfect after school adventure for your children. This multi-media program of study includes an introduction to painting, drawing, sculpture and more. Your child will be introduced to basic art techniques - the stepping stones to creatively approaching all that they do and fostering an overall appreciation of the arts. The emphasis will be to unwind and have fun after a hard day of study! Students will learn by following the teacher, step-by-step, taking their projects from beginning to end.

Materials Not Included...

When a course listing says "Materials Not Included", that means we try to take advantage of any materials you may already have (please bring to first class). Instructors will provide you with a materials list and tell you where such items may be purchased.

Instructor: Mary Ann Rossoni    8 weeks (12 hours)
Tuition: $225.

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