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 Kids Classes


No matter what the course title, the lessons are different each semester. The children who attend these classes and their parents, too, look forward to each challenge with great anticipation. These are among the finest children's classes you'll find anywhere... a real collaboration between student and teacher. Classes are eight weeks and most start the week of January 7.


Ages 5-6
Thursday, 3:45 - 5:00pm... Starts January 10.

This always new general art course goes beyond what kids normally get elsewhere. We'll be doing three or four different projects that incorporate materials - some familiar to youngsters, some not - in new ways.

Our goal is to stimulate the imagination and increase a child's emerging visual vocabulary by developing SEEING and coordination skills.

Starting slowly as we get accustomed to our new surroundings, we gradually pick up the pace with projects the children may not be getting in school, both two- and three-dimensional. Such lessons as measured drawing instruction, clay, paper maché, printing, pottery, painting and more, increase a young child's focus and build logical thinking. A few long-term projects will develop planning skills and make their creativity something they will really take pride in and wonder what's next.

Instructor: Don Simon    8 weeks (10 hours)
Tuition: $175., plus $23. materials. Total: $198.

Exploring Media

Ages 7-10
Monday, 3:45 - 5:00pm... Starts January 7.

Each semester is always new with an exciting and very full hour-and-a-quarter of three or four two- and three-dimensional projects using a variety of media. Past projects have been colorful African masks, pottery, landscape and still life paintings, drawing from the figure and more. The emphasis is on careful SEEING and then drawing, painting and/or sculpting some pretty remarkable work. Couple this with measured-drawing instruction, and you have a time for real fun and creative growth.

Instructor: Don Simon    8 weeks (10 hours)
Tuition: $175., plus $27. materials. Total: $202.


These are "signature" classes that are a real colaboration between student and teacher. The "young artist/designer" thoroughly explores, tackles and understands one major project, developing analytical,planning and organizational skills. Because of the nature of these classes, attendance is very important as the kids develop commitment to task, focus and pride in their considerable achievement. There may be occasional homework.

PROJECT ONE, JUNIOR: "Fantastic One-Ring Circus"

Ages 6-7
Wednesday 3:45 - 5:30 pm... Starts January 9.

Kids delight in the circus... All of the activity, the animals, the trapeze, the excitement of the crowd. Here's an opportunity to make their own!

We'll begin with a simple wooden box with a pole in the middle. That's the basis for the "tent" and everything beneath it, including a painted clay ring, Sculpy® lions, tigers, elephants, clowns, and other performers, wire for the trapeze, wood for the ladders and, of course, an audience!

Pictures will help get us started, but the real inspiration will come from their imagination.

Instructor: Don Simon   8 weeks (14 hours)
Tuition: $195., plus $32. materials. Total: $227.

PROJECT ONE: "The Comic Book"

Ages 8-11
Tuesday, 3:45 - 5:30pm... Starts January 9.

Kids wait for this favorite to pop up on the schedule. This semester they will develop their own action story, complete in a bound book.

We'll start with over-size sketches, separating our stories into comic book frames with drawings, speech and thought "bubbles". During the process, we'll study line, form, shading - even spend a lesson on vantage point and lettering - all the things that add to the expression of the story.

The kids will learn that, while drawing comic characters is fun, there's a lot of work that goes into the finished, very "professional-looking" product - a one-of-a-kind comic book.

Instructor: Don Simon    8 weeks (14 hours)
Tuition: $195., plus $32. materials. Total: $227.

Drawing & Painting for Kids
"The Russian Box"

Ages 11-15
Friday, 3:45 - 5:30pm... Starts January 11.

While most semesters we work on a two-dimensional surface, this semester's major project will be the marvelous "Russian Box" - glistening, colorful and beautiful creations that will be treasured keepsakes. Russia is known for its decorative miniature paintings on beautifully lacquered boxes.

After examining actual examples from the teacher's own collection, the kids will start sketching out their ideas on paper using Audubon bird pictures as inspiration. We will consider the top and four sides and incorporate geometric shapes and naturalistic forms. This will be transferred onto the wooden box and painted in acrylics.

Other assignments will feature a variety of media, such as pencil, charcoal and pen-and-ink.

Instructor: Don Simon    8 weeks (14 hours).
Tuition: $195., plus $32. materials. Total: $227.

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