The East Side Art Center

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Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

A Gift of Creativity Card with your personal message gives someone the unique opportunity to explore his or her creative side. It can be for $25 all the way up to the full tuition amount of a chosen class. (See course descriptions for the amount.) Use a check or credit card... It's up to you.

1. If you are paying for a specific course, enclose the specified amount. If you are leaving the selection up to the adult recipient, include the highest amount of an adult class (you will be refunded any difference once the recipient enrolls). Or, you may make a partial gift (the recipient will be so advised as in #3 below).

2. You will receive a card and envelope to give to the recipient with instructions for him/her to complete the enrollment along with directions and a map. (If you are giving a specific course, that course description- with the price removed- will be in the card).

3. The gift is good for one year year from the time of purchase. No refunds apply. Should the enrollment not be in the coming semester, the recipient will receive future catalogs. Gift cards are not available within two weeks before Christmas.

4. Return the downloadable, printable form below, together with check or credit card information on the application payable to Sunrise/ESAC 26 Rochambeau Ave. Providence, RI 02906

The Gift Certificate and Application Form download as a single PDF file.